About us

All around us is energy and management. These values ​​are present both in nature and in an organized system of devices in which energy is directed through a controlled central automation mechanism. By using high technology solutions in processes, we have a greater opportunity to influence savings and what will happen tomorrow. Each succeeding year is more digital and automated, as well as many others that follow. It is up to us to refine, design and adapt it to achieve the best possible results and to ultimately develop into a better, more perfect world. With the evolution of technological processes, we become more efficient, faster, and more economical, but we need appropriate and budgeted development. Progress is a basic economic as well as a natural aspiration of man.

For us, the future is now. In what we do, we strive to be the best. That is why we work on our development every day.

We founded Hvac Shop with the vision of assuming the status of the leading distributor of quality industrial electrical equipment in the region and the world. We also offer our customers a replacement for existing hard-to-reach equipment, as well as equipping new projects with industrial equipment that meets the standards and requirements of management processes.



Achieving satisfaction for users of products and services by expanding their business to new markets with the placement of products in narrowly specialized areas for use in automation, industry and construction.

Placement of new products and services and adoption of the best available technologies that guarantee high quality in the process of production and services.

We primarily build our position in the market with the number and quality of services and the satisfaction of our clients with whom we share the core values ​​of our business. This approach ensures the sustainability and quality of our business.

Because of all this, we are recognized as the best, most professional and serious partner for the development and implementation of complex projects.

We are excellent at what we do and our clients are part of that success!