How to order

Ordering product (s) through our webshop is very simple and easy.

You start your order by selecting the product you want (find it in the appropriate category or simply type in the keyword in the search engine in the header) that you insert your cart. If you buy more than one product at a time, you find it the same way and also add it to your cart. When you have selected the last product, you go to the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the page and go to “Payment”.

However, if you want to inspect your cart before making a payment, you select the “View Cart” option, which also optionally appears next to the ADD TO CART button on the front page after clicking to buy a product.

If you choose to browse the cart, you have the option to choose how you want to download the order:
– via delivery service
– in our offices

Once you have selected the download method, you will use the “Go to Payment” button to go to the part where you fill in the information we need to deliver the products ordered quickly and with quality (we pay attention to entering the correct e-mail address so that we may receive subsequent e-mail notifications related to for the status of your order).

You then choose your form of payment:

– payment to a transaction account,
– all debit and credit cards

For businesses, an R1 invoice is issued, with prior notice.

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.

If you originally selected the option “Payment” on the shopping cart icon on the front page – this is the screen that opens immediately when you order, and you also have the option to choose how you want to receive the order – by delivery.

The required fields to be filled are marked with an asterisk (the Company name field refers to legal entities that wish to issue a VP / R-1 account – individuals leave it blank).

In order to complete your order, you must confirm that you are familiar with our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

In this last step you have the opportunity to add any note (either as a question or as an indication that the package is being delivered to your workplace, etc. In case you are buying as a legal entity, enter your OIB and other company details here) and enter the shipping address in case it is different from the address of the payer / customer.

The purchase process is described if you make a purchase as a so-called. Guest. However, you can also make a purchase as a Registered User, and the registration itself provides additional features, such as:

– Faster process for executing future orders
– Checking the status of your order
– View past orders
– Modify account information
– Change password
– Save an additional shipping address

You can register directly before making a purchase in the main menu under the MY ACCOUNT icon (top right) or during the purchase process after entering your details by selecting the option to open an account.

Your ordering work is then completed, all you have to do is wait for the delivery of the product you ordered to be in the comfort of your home.