BIOXIGEN air purifier

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A compact air sanitizer, with low power consumption (3W) suitable for sanitizing the air of small rooms. Thanks to the active oxygen ion generated by the Bioxigen system, you get a sanitization of the air and surfaces without using filters, without the addition of fragrances or chemical additives into the air. TRIS is able to neutralize unpleasant odors, allergens, eliminate harmful substances, bacteria and molds that are present. The TRIS product finds its ideal application in indoor environments such as small offices, bedrooms, bathrooms or any environment where there is a need for healthy air for people with allergies, children, the elderly or for those who keep an eye to the quality of air for the protection of their health.

TRIS has been designed and manufactured with the utmost care in every detail: it is characterized by a basic design, it can be leaned on any shelf. It’s a CE marked product that does not require a frequent and expensive maintenance for the user. Devoid of moving parts we suggest to place it in the bedroom to facilitate breathing and sleep quality, it is in fact shown that the controlled bipolar ionization improves the breathability of the air and acts on the metabolism on the state of anxiety or discomfort related to closed environments.


Dimensions (LxPxA): L 126 x p 117 x h 202 mm
Net weight: 0.4 kg
Feeding: 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption: 3 W  13mA
Colors: White/Black


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