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The Johnson Controls® CD-Px0xx-00-00 Series duct mount transmitters are designed for the measurement of CO2 and temperature in HVAC applications where demand control ventilation (DCV), fresh air and indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and rooftop air handling economizer control systems are often required. The CD-P Series sensors incorporate a dual wavelength non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor, which compensates for aging effects, is highly insensitive to pollution, and offers outstanding long-term stability. The CD-P1000-00-00 transmitter is available with CO2 output only, 0 to 10 V or 4 to 20 mA while the CD-P2000 Series offers CO2 and temperature measurement with active or passive outputs. A multiple point CO2 factory adjustment procedure leads to excellent CO2 measurement accuracy over the entire temperature working range.

Power supply: 12 to 30 VDC, or 24 VAC
CO2 range: 0…2000 ppm
CO2 range output signal: 0…10 V DC or 4 – 20 mA (DIP switch selectable)
Temperature sensor type: PT1000 Class A
Protection class: IP65; Probe IP20
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