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The Field Equipment Controller (FEC) Series products are programmable controllers that can be switched between BACnet® MS/TP and N2 communications protocols. When they are used as BACnet MS/TP devices, they are BACnet Application Specific Controllers (B-ASCs) with integral MS/TP communications. In N2 mode, they can be used to modernize sites with legacy Johnson Controls® controllers.

FEC Series Model Information (hardware points)
Universal input (UI) 2
(analog input 0-10V, analog input 4-20mA, Analog input Resistive mode (0-2k ohm, Ni 1000, Pt 1000, NTC, A99)
Binary Input (BI) 1
(Dry Contact, Pulse counter 100 Hz)
Analog Output (AO) 0
(Analog output 0-10V, 4-20mA)
Binary Output (BO) 3
24VAC Triac
Configurable Output (CO) 4
Analog Output(Voltage Mode 0-10V), Binary Output Mode 24VAC

Processor : H8SX/166xR Renesas® 32-bit microcontroller
Memory : 1 MB Flash Memory and 512 KB RAM
Power supply and consumption: 24 VAC, 20VA maximum
Note: Without integrated display and navigation touchpad.
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