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The IOM Series expansion I/O modules have integral RS-485 MS/TP communications and integrate into the web-based Metasys® system. IOMs can serve in one of two capacities, depending on where they are installed in the Metasys system. When installed on the Sensor/Actuator (SA) Bus of an Advanced Application Field Equipment Controller (FAC), Field Equipment Controller (FEC), or VAV Modular Assembly (VMA) controller, the IOM expands the point count of these controllers. When installed on the Field Controller (FC) Bus, IOMs can be used as I/O point multiplexors to support monitoring and control from a Network Automation Engine (NAE) or Network Control Engine (NCE). The point multiplexor can also be useful for sharing points between other field controllers on the FC Bus using peer-to-peer connectivity.

IOM Series Model Information (hardware points)
Universal input (UI) 0
(analog input 0-10V, analog input 4-20mA, Analog input Resistive mode (0-2k ohm, Ni 1000, Pt 1000, NTC, A99)
Binary Input (BI) 16
(Dry Contact, Pulse counter 100 Hz)
Analog Output (AO) 0
(Analog output 0-10V, 4-20mA)
Binary Output (BO) 0
24VAC Triac
Configurable Output (CO) 0
Analog Output(Voltage Mode 0-10V), Binary Output Mode 24VAC

Processor: H8SX/166xR Renesas® 32-bit microcontroller
Power supply and consumption: 24 VAC, 14VA maximumA
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