P736LCW-9300, Johnson Controls

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These dual pressure controls are designed for use in a variety of applications involving refrigeration high or low pressure. Models supplied have a “whole range” design, enabling them to be used all non-corrosive refrigerants which are within the operating range of the control. They may also be used for other high or low pressure applications such as air, water etc. Also models tested and approved according to PED 2014/68/EU Cat. IV are included in the program.

The P736 series pressure controls may be used for control functions or limit functions, depending on model number. All models are provided with alarm contacts (except P736ALA). All standard models have phosphor bronze bellows and brass pressure connections. Devices conforming PED 2014/68/EU have a double bellows on the high pressure versions (HP side).

Type: Automatic Reset both sides
Left side range (bar): -0.5 - 7 bar
Left side diff(bar): 0.6 - 3
Right side range (bar): 3 - 30 bar
Right side diff(bar): 3 fixed
Contact rating: 400 VAC 8(5) A
Protection class: IP30
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