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The Cras RS-QRT room sensors provide active sensing of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 in HVAC applications.
It features a digital humidity and temperature sensing element and provides within either ±1 % accuracy a voltage
output signal proportional 0 to 100 % relative humidity and 0-40°C ambient temperature. The CO2 sensor detects gas
in 0-2000ppm range within ±50 ppm precision of output signal.

Power supply : 24 VAC/VDC
Digital output: Modbus over RS485
Analog output:
Relative humidity range : 0…100 % RH
Humidity output signal : 0…10 V DC
Temperature range : range 0…50°C
Temperature output signal : 0…10 V DC
CO2 sensing range : 0…2000 ppm
CO2 output signal : 0…10 V DC
Protection class : IP20

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