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The T7600 Series Modbus® LCD thermostats are designed to control heating and cooling through air conditioning unit in commercial and residential application. Typical applications include the control of fancoil units, floor heating, packaged terminal air conditioners and combination of heating and cooling equipment. As part of the system, T7600 series thermostat can control 2-way or 3-way valve and multiplespeed line voltage fan or ECM fan. T7600 with its large LCD screen displays the working mode (cooling, heating, air venting, floor heating), fan speed, indoor temperature and set point.

Modbus Thermostat, 2 pipes ON/OFF.
Input for remote sensor. Configurable input for Occupancy, SP reduction or Shut off. Line voltage Relay Output. Power 230 VAC 5VA.
Mode 2 pipe ON/OFF
Fan controls –
Communication Modbus RTU
Power 230 VAC 5VA
Input (AI) Remote Sensor
Input (DI) Configurable
Outputs 1 x relay SPST 2.2 A @ 240 VAC

Mode: 2 pipe ON/OFF
Fan controls: -
Communication: Modbus RTU
Power: 230 VAC 5VA
Input (AI): Remote Sensor
Input (DI): Configurable
Outputs: 1 x relay SPST 2.2 A @ 240 VAC
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