Terms of business

Welcome to the HVAC Shop web site owned by Cras d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as HVAC Shop).

These Terms set out the rules for the use of all websites located at https://hvacshop.eu (hereinafter: the Site).

These conditions also determine the procedure for ordering, paying for and delivering the ordered items (in abbreviated form – all details regarding the conclusion of the so-called Distance Selling Agreement in Internet or Post, hereinafter referred to as the Agreement), and all other rights and obligations between the Company Cras d.o.o. and its customers.

The seller is Cras d.o.o., and the buyer is the user of these pages, who completes the electronic order, sends it to the seller and chooses to pay by payment to the transaction account.

Users are obliged to provide accurate information about themselves when making purchases through the webshop. User personal information is kept confidential and is not accessible to unauthorized persons.


Using page content

Use of the HVAC Shop services is authorized for adults only. The use and use of the HVAC Shop by children or minors is not permitted and parents and / or carers are required to take care of this. Otherwise, they assume all rights and obligations arising from such use, and Cras is not responsible for any consequences of such use.

Users of the Site may solely use them for the purpose of searching for products, informing them and reading the texts published on them. All texts, product descriptions, graphics, photographs, logo, design and layout of the site (covered by the term CONTENT) are the property of Cras d.o.o.

Unless specifically emphasized and approved by these Terms or on the HVAC Shop website, no copying, reproduction, reproduction, decoding, or publication of the content of these sites is permitted.

Any kind of interference with the content and appearance of these pages, and any illegal use of these pages and data related to them, are prohibited and punishable.

The intention of the HVAC Shop is to keep the offer on the site up-to-date with the actual stock, however there is a possibility that the product catalog on our site may have a product that is currently unavailable. In such cases, HVAC Shop assumes no responsibility for any customer dissatisfaction with such a situation.

HVAC Shop reserves the right to change, delete or terminate any part of the text and content of these websites at any time without notice.



You use the HVAC Shop Websites at your own risk and responsibility. Neither HVAC Shop, nor its affiliates, are responsible for, nor warrant that, your browsing of the HVAC Shop Websites will be continuous or error free (hereinafter referred to as “ASSOCIATES”: suppliers, sponsors, partners, advertisers, web designers, and any any other legal or natural person who is in any business relationship with Cras doo).

Neither the HVAC Shop nor any of their associates can guarantee the accuracy, integrity or completeness of the information contained on the site or the products presented on the site or offered for purchase.

HVAC Shop and its associates specify for each product or service the warranties and conditions of use of the warranty, whether expressly stated in the warranty or implied. No oral or written information, beyond the warranty period and warranty card, with the product or service creates a warranty and does not apply to a warranty for a product or service.



The buyer orders the product or products through an electronic order form. A buyer is any person who orders at least one product electronically, fills in the required information and submits the order (contract) in one of the following ways:

  • By selecting a payment and completing your order as a HVAC Shop customer
  • By selecting a payment and completing your order as a registered HVAC Shop user

1) In the process of registering or creating an account, the buyer is obliged to choose the name or name under which he will perform the services and choose a security password and submit a valid e-mail address. All information required to register or create an account must be truthful and expressly prohibited from using or using someone else’s information.

2) Registration or account is created for one person only and it is not allowed to disclose registration or account information to third parties. The buyer is obliged to keep information about his security password and account. The use of someone else’s registration or user account is not permitted.

3) HVAC Shop reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate a customer’s registration or user account, in violation of the provisions of the Terms in this chapter, without obligation to compensate the customer for any cost or damage.

4) The registration (which includes the sale) is deemed to have been concluded between the HVAC Shop and the buyer.

All prices are in Croatian national currency, Croatian Kuna (kn), excluding VAT.
Products are selected electronically, by storing them in a “basket”. Products are considered to be ordered only after the buyer chooses the payment method, shipping address, and confirms the entire order. For more detailed instructions on how to order, read HERE .

If the buyer desires a VP account (formerly R-1) for the items shipped, he or she enters the relevant company information in the Company Name and OIB fields.



Ordered products or services through the web shop are paid by payment to the transaction account, all debit and credit cards. For businesses, an R1 invoice is issued, with prior notice.

When making a payment on a bank account / internet banking, payment instructions appear on the screen at the completion of the ordering process, but also in the order form that the customer receives at their e-mail address immediately after ordering. There is no additional cost when choosing this type of payment, and you pay the price of the product indicated on our web shop.

A single shipping charge of 25.00 HRK will be charged.

Delivery is made only on weekdays.


Delivery and packaging

We deliver the ordered items to your home address via courier service throughout Croatia, including the islands. Ordered items can be downloaded from our office at:
Vinkovačka cesta 68, 31000 Osijek

Delivery of all orders is between five and seven working days, delays are possible with the islands and some smaller towns and in the (sometimes) Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Cras d.o.o. in the case of selecting a buyer to pay into a transaction account, it is obliged to send the shipment to the buyer immediately upon payment received, and not later than seven working days from the registered payment on his business account. The exception is products that are not available immediately, in which case the seller agrees to inform the buyer of the availability of the product, and to define a possible re-order when the product becomes available.

Ordered products are packed in such a way that they are not damaged during normal handling.

The customer is required to provide an identification document at the request of the delivery service staff for the purpose of recording who has taken the package. If the buyer refuses to provide the requested information, the package will not be delivered to him.

Cras d.o.o. disclaims any liability for damage that may occur during delivery.

If the buyer does not receive the goods, or the delivery notice, after it has been shipped, within the expected time, the buyer is obliged to inform the seller in order to take action to find the shipment or to send a replacement shipment.

If the buyer refuses to receive the goods ordered by Cras d.o.o. has the right to ask the buyer for reimbursement of all costs associated with delivery.

Once the shipper (the shipping company) receives the shipment from the seller, the seller is no longer responsible for the further course of delivery and any delays and problems that may arise regarding the further manipulation and delivery of the goods.



The user of hvacshop.eu online store receives the original invoice upon delivery of the goods to the address given at the time of ordering.
Product and service features

Product data displayed on the online store are subject to computer errors, malfunctions of the application and / or server, other technical irregularities, typographical errors, etc. The seller will endeavor to give the online store as accurate description and image as possible, but will not assume responsibility for complete accuracy of the information provided. In the event of obvious errors or defects in the product data, the Seller reserves the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

Only products that are indicated to be available and available in the order may be subject to the order. Due to the large number of orders that can be processed at the same time, the availability of product information may not be the same as the state of the warehouse. If the ordered product is not available in the warehouse, the Seller will inform the Buyer that the product is currently unavailable, about the time within which the product is available, and at the same time offer the possibility of purchasing an alternative product available for delivery.


Product price

Online store prices are in Kuna (HRK) and VAT is included in the product price. Shipping costs are not included in the price of the product, as they are paid separately, all in accordance with the conditions and in the manner indicated in these Terms of Use and Purchase.

Before confirming the order, the price of the products with VAT is separately stated, the price of delivery if it is charged, depending on the quantity of the ordered products and displayed in a unified way, and the final price so that the Buyer can see the final price he pays for the ordered products and services.

In the case of payments made through online banking and a national payment order (which replaced payment by a general payment slip), payment and / or interbank transaction costs are not included in the price.


Notice on Consumer Complaint Method

Pursuant to Article 10, paragraph 1, paragraph 2. The Consumer Protection Act (Narodne Novine No. 41/14) informs consumers that they can submit a complaint about the quality of our services by presenting their invoice in writing at Cras doo, Vinkovačka cesta 68, 31000 Osijek or via e-mail at info@hvacshop.eu.

We will respond to your objection in writing no later than 15 days after the objection is received.

The name and surname, address or e-mail address for the response must be stated on the complaint, as well as the account number to which the complaint relates.
Online dispute resolution

European Union Special Regulation, dated 15.02.2016. in the area of ​​EU, internet shopping disputes can be resolved through a dedicated platform.

This means that if you encounter a problem while shopping online within the EU (defective product, inability to replace product, etc.), you can file your complaint at the link above. The platform can be used by both consumers and traders, and can be filed in any of the 23 official EU languages.


Payment Types and Guarantee of Goods

Transaction Account / Bank Transfer / Internet Banking

Debit / Credit Cards
You can make a payment through a transaction account at:

Cras d.o.o.
Vinkovačka cesta 68, 31000 Osijek, Hrvatska
OIB: 78815843654
Hrvatska Poštanska Banka d.d.
IBAN: HR30 2390 0011 1010 7514 0

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.


Returning Inappropriate or Damaged Goods

The buyer has the right to return the goods in case the goods delivered are inadequate or damaged.

Conditions for exercising the right of return of goods:

  • When picking up the goods, the buyer is obliged to check for any damage to the goods and immediately report them to the delivery person, refuse to take over the shipment and immediately inform Cras d.o.o.
  • If the buyer proves that the goods delivered are different from those ordered, he is obliged to inform the Cras d.o.o.
  • If the goods delivered are truly inadequate or damaged Cras d.o.o. will, in agreement with the buyer, swap ordered goods or refund as soon as possible.
  • Non-compliant products returned by the buyer for replacement must be unused, undamaged and in original packaging with the original invoice attached.
  • Return of goods that are malfunctioning due to a manufacturer’s fault is subject to the product warranty policy of the Importer of Goods.


Material Defects

We address material deficiencies in accordance with the Law on Obligations.


Replacing wrongly ordered goods

The buyer has the right to replace the wrongly ordered goods.
Conditions for Replacing Ordered Goods:

  • The buyer is obliged to notify Cras d.o.o. no later than 14 days after receipt of the ordered goods. that he wants to replace the ordered goods by emailing him at info@hvacshop.eu.
  • Goods can be exchanged by sending the ordered goods back to Cras d.o.o. at their own expense. Vinkovačka 68, 31000 Osijek, the buyer should send a new order for new goods. When Cras d.o.o. receives a new order, will ship the new goods the same day after receiving the returned goods.
  • Non-compliant products returned by the buyer for replacement must be unused, undamaged and in original packaging with the original invoice attached.
  • Cras d.o.o. assumes no liability for inaccurate information or the consequences it may cause.
  • The buyer / customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the shipping, address and contact information.


Refund of ordered goods for no reason (right to unilaterally terminate the contract)

The buyer has the right, without giving reasons, to unilaterally terminate the contract concluded outside the premises or concluded remotely within 14 days.

Return of goods is possible within 14 days from the date of purchase through hvacshop.eu Internet store without stating the reason for this, in accordance with Article 72 of the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette No. 41/14).

You can download the standard one-way contract termination information form here .

In the event of termination of the contract, each party is obliged to return to the other what it received under the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

The buyer must return the goods without delay and no later than 14 days after the request for unilateral termination of the contract has been sent.

The goods returned by the buyer must also be unused in the original packaging.
Refund and shipping cost

After the goods have been returned Cras d.o.o. will fully refund the amount paid for the goods ordered in the same manner as the buyer made payment for the goods when ordering unless the consumer explicitly consents to another means of payment.

The buyer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

The buyer will bear the shipping costs for the return of the goods.


Exclude the right to unilaterally terminate a contract

The consumer is not entitled to unilateral termination of the contract if:
The subject matter of the contract is goods which are made to the specification of the consumer or which are clearly adapted to the consumer.


Privacy Policy on HVAC Shop Websites.

Personal information is extremely important to us and using this site remains confidential unless you wish to voluntarily disclose it. We undertake, except for the purpose of a legal inquiry, not to provide the other parties with the information we have received. When you send us an e-mail with personally identifiable information that identifies you either by e-mail with a question or comment or by the form you send us by e-mail, we use that information to fulfill your request. We may send your email to other employees or suppliers who can better answer your questions. Personal information may be collected for the purpose of marketing activities. Further processing of personal data for historical, statistical or scientific purposes will not be considered inappropriate provided that appropriate safeguards are taken.


General Terms

Cras d.o.o. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. Any changes will be applied to the use of the Pages.

Your use of this Site does not include the costs you incur using your computer equipment and services to access the Internet and the Site. Cras d.o.o is not responsible for the costs of telephone, Internet traffic or any other costs that may be incurred by using the infrastructure to access the Site.

Although Cras d.o.o. endeavors to provide the best possible service offer, the same cannot guarantee that the services available on the Site will meet the needs of the users. Cras d.o.o. also cannot guarantee that the service will be error free. If there is an error, please contact us to resolve it as quickly as possible.

The user of these pages assumes sole responsibility when visiting the Site.