The biggest reason why your heating bill is too high

Winter is coming. When temperatures drop outside, many homes will start increasing their heating bills. Find out what factors can lead to an increase in your bill and what you can do to reduce it by keeping heat in your home.

What increases the heating bill?

There are several factors that can help keep your heating bill higher than normal in the winter.

Seasonal changes

Obviously, the colder it is outside, we want it to be warmer in our homes. This causes people to set their thermostats higher than normal to really increase the heat. Depending on the temperature change between your home and the outside world, your boiler could be working overtime to maintain heat that is comfortable for you.

Extra laundry

One way to combat the cold in winter is to pile up layers of clothing. Whether it’s extra clothing or more blankets, all of these items will need to be washed at some point. Because of this, you will need to do more laundry, and constantly running the dryer will also increase your energy or heating bill.

Poor insulation

If your home is older or not properly insulated you could be losing heat through leaky windows or airy doors. Because heat is leaking freely due to poor insulation, you may notice that you need to start the heater more frequently or maintain it at a higher temperature to maintain comfort levels. This will significantly increase your heating bill, and you will wonder why your house doesn’t seem as warm as it should be when the heater is always running.

Inefficient furnace

Another big blow to your wallet could be the fact that the boiler doesn’t work as it should. If the heating system is outdated or has not been serviced for some time, it may struggle to achieve optimum performance.

How to Lower Your Heating Bill

If you want to reduce your heating bill, you need to take a few steps to reduce the amount of energy you spend in your home.

Set the thermostat to a lower temperature

While this may seem counterproductive when you want to stay warm, you probably won’t feel it if you lower the temperature by a few degrees. However, these few stages could save you about 5% to 10% on heating costs.

Buy a programmable thermostat

When you set up your ordinary thermostat, it will work throughout the day and night to ensure that your home stays at the temperature you want. With a programmable thermostat, the system can be set up to work only when people are at home. This helps reduce the cost of your heating bill because you only use heat when you need it instead of heating or cooling an empty house.

Coat yourself with layers

Keeping your home cool and staying warm can help you feel comfortable while also reducing your heating bill. With a reduced thermostat, extra laundry will not adversely affect your energy or heating bill. Wear thick socks, shirts, and sweaters or tuck under blankets so you can stay warm without spending extra money.

Increase insulation

Whether you need to add weatherstripping around your door or want to upgrade your tiered windows, taking these steps can increase the insulation in your home and help keep the heat inside. Not only will the extra insulation keep you warm in the winter – it will also help you cool down in the summer and save on energy costs throughout the year.

Have your boiler serviced

To prevent your boiler from working excessively, you will need to check it for everything to work properly. It is recommended that the boilers be serviced at least once a year, especially before the colder months. A HVAC specialist can check all aspects of the boiler and make quick adjustments for the proper functioning of your system.